Staff room

Competent and motivated employees are the most important resource of a company.

By fitting an attractively designed break room or kitchenette, the great value of employees can be visually demonstrated. If it is possible to relax well during pauses, this also has a positive effect on work performance.

Moreover, in the competition for new employees, it is often the soft facts, such as attractive workstations and break rooms, which have increasing importance.
At the cutting edge of good equipping of break zones are the creative sector and internet companies, which have recognised how important the alternation between work and relaxation, as well as mutual exchange, is for the process of creativity.

From its office and kitchen range, LIGNEUS offers a wide variety of individually designable fittings for all kinds of break rooms, smoking rooms and coffee lounges.
Whether it is high-quality (painted) glass surfaces for more elegant business areas, or durable, easy-maintenance basic equipment for all kinds of break rooms – we will find a suitable solution for your company and for your budget.
As well as the kitchenette with dishwasher and microwave, our range includes dining tables, chairs, suites, coat racks, wardrobes for personnel, and mirrors, all the way up to a fully equipped canteen.

Employees can clearly tell whether their break rooms were set up according to a plan or were just filled with more or less appropriate spare furniture – hence a newly equipped personnel room may do more for the company atmosphere than a yearly company party.