LIGNEUS, as manufacturer, offers you a modular fitting system for baking shops, cafés and bistro facilities.
Our range of products extends from sales counters to rear shelves up to sitting and standing table areas.
Due to the module style, the components can be expanded on at any time or rearranged for another area.
Front elements or rear panels which can be individually designed are fitted onto a standardized basic module made of highly adjustable metal racks.
An economically attractive modular construction system is thereby combined with maximum variety in design in order to communicate the individual corporate image of your baking shop to your customers.

Our modular system includes:

Refrigerated bars, dried food counters with straight, sloping or glass upper sections,with an illuminated storage rack, heated counter with hotplate or Bain-Mairie, Bread roll drawer containers with wooden grating with glass upper sections or wicker baskets, Place for numbers, knife wipers, paper unrollers, baking tray storage unit, Illuminated bread shelf, lower cupboards for coffee machine and sink unit, worktops, spotlight anti-dazzlers.