The market leaders in DIY-centers are characterised by good customer advice. With LIGNEUS advice islands are manufactured which through their distinctive colour scheme show the customer in each building materials department the quickest way to the information point. For the employee, the advice counter is a well-structured workstation which is clearly equipped with all the materials, models, catalogues and state-of-the-art office technology which are necessary for information and sales conversations.

DIY-centers also thrive on the fact that the building materials which are offered can be experienced visually and haptically in successful displays. In close partnership with store designers, LIGNEUS therefore continually develop new product presenters for the most diverse building materials and substances. For these shelf brackets or display furniture the most diverse materials are combined such as derived timber products, and are displayed with the appropriate lighting and technology.
In a concentrated roll-out, hundreds of stores are then equipped on time with new product presenters. Seasonal sales promotions are decisive for the success of a building store’s business year.

For this highly flexible store construction is required which can present the seasonal product ranges with little effort.

The LIGNEUS Team has been manufacturing for more than 20 years for OBI, the European market leader in DIY store arrangements, and has received several distinctions for this.